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Sports Equipment - Rugby

  Artimex Sport is technical partner of the Romanian Federation of Rugby.  


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Product Description Imagine
Rugby goals

2,285.00 EUR/PAIR
(10,880.03 RON/PAIR)

Produs de Artimex
Oval aluminium section 100 x 120 mm. Classical H-shape. Complies with IRB regulations, 80 cm long ground sockets for concreting provide excellent stability.
Distance between uprights: 560 cm. Post height: 680 cm above ground level. Cross member 300 cm above ground level. References Code 800

Rugby post protectors

359.00 EUR/PAIR
(1,709.38 RON/PAIR)

Produs de Artimex
Post protectors, heavy duty PVC fabric with chip foam filling for safety and durability. To fit 12cm diameter posts. Size: W35,5 x H183cm. The posts can be printed at request with the client's logo. Code 712
Corner fixed and flex poles

19.00 EUR/PCS
(90.47 RON/PCS)

On stock
Color: phosphorescent yellow. Code 30053
Corner flag padding rugby

23.00 EUR/PCS
(109.51 RON/PCS)

Produs de Artimex
Made of polyurethane foam and pvc coating. On demand, it can be printed with client.
Code 713

Rugby Tackle bag

129.00 EUR/PCS
(614.23 RON/PCS)

Produs de Artimex
High grade block foam, with durable PVC cover. Color on request. Availlable with sponsor Logo or club. Code 801

3.80 EUR/PCS
(18.09 RON/PCS)

On stock
38 cm high, color: orange. Code 4983
Practice hurdle

18.00 EUR/SET
(85.71 RON/SET)

On stock
1 set = 2 vertical rods with 30 mm diameter - with steel ferrule, 1 horizontal rod, red, with a 25 mm diameter, L=140 cm or 120 cm. Code 33525
Hurdle set

17.00 EUR/SET
(80.95 RON/SET)

On stock
1 set=2 vertical bars + 1 horizontal bar, 2 round bases. Code 6340
Easy Line machine

299.00 EUR/PCS
(1,423.69 RON/PCS)

Produs de Artimex
Specially created for field marking, easy operating, pressure tank, 16 l, dimensions: L=1260 x l=570x h=820 mm, can be used with liquid dye or lime. Code 503
Artificial grass marking dye

28.00 EUR/PCS
(133.32 RON/PCS)

On stock
Specially created for artificial turf marking, environmental protection, fast drying, water/colour mixture, colour: white, 15 kg can.
Import Germany.
Code RA1-703


3.00 EUR/PCS
(14.28 RON/PCS)

On stock
Pump ball, 30 cm, without gauge. Code 83

119.00 EUR/PCS
(566.62 RON/PCS)

On stock
Cca. 30 sec./ball, 220/240 V, compression max. 7 bar, size: 20 x 12 x 14 cm. Code 84


VAT included

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