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Safety and service


The security of our products is essential for those who used them, especially for children, this is why try to be the best.

All the products are made by modern materials like: try-ply wood or anodized aluminum.

- Ceiling mounted basketball units are provided with crash protection devices. - Stable football goals have ground sleeves - Portable football goals have ground anchr - Handball goals are fixed to the sport surface - Volleyball posts have post protections

The price is important but most important are the services we provide:

- Support in buying our products, by phone, e-mail or directly at the project location - Safety transport of the goods - The installation of the products by specialized teams

If you have any questions regarding our products or projects, please contact Mr. Gata Bogdan;
E-mail: tehnic@artimex.ro;
Phone: 0720.660.715;

As a new challenge we give you the opportunity to renew old products at our plant in Cluj Napoca

How do you do it? You send us some pictures with the descriptions of the products you want to renew, and based on these we send you back an offer.

Contact details: E- mail: productie@artimex.ro Phone: 0720.757.045

The nearby approval of ISO 9001 is a proof that you can count on our services.

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